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Challenge of the Month

1.  A restaurant bought some rice on Sunday. Each day the restaurant used 120 pounds of rice.  After 5 days, there was 1/5 of the rice left.  How many pounds of rice did the restaurant buy on Sunday?  (6th grade and up)


2. It was a dark and stormy night in London in 1905. A traveler named Maxwell lost his wallet and walked to a hotel. He asked the hotel manager if he could pay with his gold chain that consists of 7 rings linked together. The hotel manager looked at his chain and said: "Yes, one gold ring per night. I have a wire cutter to separate the chain." Maxwell said: “Great, I will stay for 7 nights.”

a) What is the minimum number of gold rings Maxwell needs to cut to pay for the hotel ONE ring per night for 7 nights?

b. If Maxwell can get change (in rings ) from the hotel each night (i.e. pay 1 ring one night and the next night pay 2 rings, and get 1 ring back, resulting in 2 rings paid for 2 nights), What is the minimum number of rings he needs to cut? (4th grade and up)






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