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Sixth Grade Challenging Math


6-32)  Answer

                         Annie = 72
          Betty = 36
          Corina = 12                   

Solution: You do not need algebra to solve this problem. Instead, use a graph shown to help solve the problem. Each yellow bar represents some number of apples. For example, the number of apples Corina picked is represented by 1 bar. Since Betty picked 3 times as many as Corina did; 3 yellow bars represents what she picked. The number Annie picked is represented by 6 yellow bars. There are totally 10 bars, which is equivalent to 120 apples. Therefore, each yellow bar is equivalent to 120 10 = 12 apples. Therefore Annie picked 72 (= 12 x 6) apples, Betty picked 36 (= 12 x 3) apples, and Corina picked 12 apples.




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