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Sixth Grade Challenging Math


6-36)  A satellite orbits the earth at a height of 325 kilometers. If it makes 11 revolutions around the earth, how many kilometers does it travel? The earth's diameter is 6371 kilometers. Use pi = 3.14


6-37) Jessie has some chickens and rabbits. There are 30 heads and 76 legs in all. How many chickens does Jessie have and how may rabbits does Jessie have?



6-38) Minwen has some lizards and birds. There are 34 heads and 76 legs in all. How many lizards and birds does Minwen have?


6-39) It takes 10 workers to machine 150 parts a day. How many workers does it take to machine 60 parts in one day?


6-40) It takes Mr. Maple 20 minutes to cut a long stick of bamboo to 5 short pieces. How long does it take Mr. Maple to cut another bamboo stick to 9 pieces?




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