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High Paying Jobs                


Prepare your children for a rewarding career

We find that some of the very best jobs are those of engineering and science. These jobs not only pay well, but are very interesting. Scientists and engineers get to discover new things regularly (although the discovery may seem very small and might mean nothing to anybody else). But the thrill of new findings and experiences are priceless. You will never get bored, and there are constant challenges for you to take up. Whether you design a circuit, build a micro-machine, or create a new type of drug/medicine, the sky is the limit. Good math and science skills build a solid foundation for future success in your career.

The following is based on 2007 US job data
OccupationAnnual Salary, Median
Engineering Managers145K
Airline pilots134K
Computer science and information technology research engineers115K
Petroleum engineers113K
Computer hardware engineers101K
Aerospace engineers98K
Software engineers98K
Nuclear engineers97K
Mathematicians 95K
Electronics engineers92K
Biomedical engineers90K
Electrical engineers89K
Material scientists88K








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High Paying Jobs in the US
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