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First Grade Challenging Math

1-71) Fill in the blanks





1-72) Molly starts reading a book at 4:40 pm. If she takes 15 minutes to finish her book, what time is she finished?




1-73) Kate, Nathan and Julie each had 12 grapes on their plate at the beginning of a party. At end of the party, Kate had 1 grape left, Nathan had 3 grapes left and Julie had 5 grapes left.  Who ate the most grapes and how many?



1-74) Lulu has just transferred to a new school.  Her mom took her to the new class.  There were 24 students including Lulu in her new class.  Lulu shook hands with every student in her class.  How many hands did she shake?



1-75) Fred's bed room has a bed with 4 legs, 2 stools with 3 legs each, and 2 chairs with 4 legs each. How many furniture legs are there in all?

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