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7th Grade Challenging Math


7-11)   Rochelle took her final tests of several subjects. Her average score NOT including English is 88. Her average score including English is 90. Her English score is 98. How many subject tests did she take?


7-12)   Gasoline price is $4.0 per gallon in August. The price increased by 10% in September, and dropped 5% in October. What was the gasoline price in October?




7-13)   Fill in the blanks with the same natural number to make the equation correct.

                  3_ * 4128 = 3264 * _3


7-14)   John went to the stores to buy Christmas presents for his kids. He spent 2 thirds of his money at a book store. He then spent 1 third of the remaining money at a craft store. At the end he had $8 left. How much money did he have at the beginning?


7-15)   Ming Lee's birthday is on February 25th. If January 1st of 2009 is Thursday, which day of the week is Ming Lee's birthday in the year 2009?




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