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7th Grade Challenging Math


7-6)   Which fraction has a larger value?



7-7) Which fraction has a greater value?

                47/142 or 41/120



7-8)   Sort the following fractions from the smallest value to the largest value.







7-9)   The weight of a box of chocolates is 2.2 pounds. After taking out 3/4 of the chocolates, the remaining chocolates and the box weigh 0.7 pounds. What is weight of the box and the weight of the chocolates before any chocolates were taken out?



7-10)   A brand new movie just came to Golden Theater. The theater has a goal of selling 1500 tickets for this movie in the 1st week. The first 2 days it sold 30% of its goal tickets. What is the average number of tickets the theater needs to sell in the next 5 days in order to meet their goal?




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