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Fifth Grade Challenging Math


5-46)  Newbury elementary has 600 students. Out of those students, 30 are left handed. What is the percentage of the students that are left handed? What is the percentage of the students that are right handed?



5-47)  You have one 1-dollar bill, one 5-dollar bill and two 10-dollar bills. How many different face values can you make using these bills?



5-48) There are 3 buckets of different colors: green, brown and orange. There is a ball in one of the buckets.  The buckets are labeled; however, only ONE bucket is labeled correctly.  Do you know which bucket has the ball in it?


5-49) Calculate the area of the blue region. The diameter of the circle is 5.




5-50)  Kim cuts a piece of rope to half. She then cuts one of the pieces to half. The two smallest pieces are 4 inches long. What was the length of the rope before Kim made any cuts?


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