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Fifth Grade Challenging Math


5-71)  Five people go to a meeting. 2 people are from 1 company and 3 are from another. How many hands will they shake if they only shake hands with the people from the other company?



5-72) A wooden fence has posts 1 meter apart with one post on each end.  If the length of the fence is 100 meters, how many posts are there?


5-73) A pool has a circular shaped fence with a circumference of 100 meters. The posts of the fence are 1 meter apart. How many posts are needed?


5-74) Tom is reading a 600 page book. He read 80%. How many pages are left?




5-75) A swimming pool is filled with 1,000 gallons of water. Then 40% of the water is drained out. a) How many gallons are left? b) The next day, 2/3 of the remaining water is drained. How much is left?


5-76) Tom feed his chickens with grains on Sunday. The chickens ate a quarter of what was given to them that day. On Monday, the chickens ate a quarter of what's left on Sunday night. What fraction of the original food was left on Monday night after the chickens went to bed?


5-77) The sum of two integers is 9, and the sum of the squares of these two integers is 41. What is the product of the two integers?




5-78) Josh is 5 feet 1 inch. He grows 2 inches a year in the next 4 years.  How tall will Josh be in two years? Answer in inches.



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