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Sixth Grade Challenging Math


6-16)   Ken wants to make a half circle with a diameter of 5 centimeters using a metal wire. How long is the wire he needs? What is the area of the half circle if pi = 3.14?



6-17)   A satellite orbits the earth at a height of 343 kilometers. If it makes 8 revolutions around the earth, how many kilometers does it travel? Earth's diameter is 6371 kilometers. Use pi = 3.14.



6-18)   Jane went to the store to buy some clothes. There was one sweater with an original price of $40. It was 15% off that day. Jane bought that sweater. (a) What was the cost of the sweater?  (b) If Jane pays 8% sales tax, how much did Jane pay for the sweater including the sales tax?



6-19)   Charlie Joe Purple has been taking math tests. The average score of his first 3 tests was 95 points. The average score of his next 2 test was 90 points. What was the Charlie's average score of all 5 tests?


6-20)   5th grade classes at Franklin Elementary completed a final science test. The average score of the female students is 82, and the average score of the male students is 79. There are 42 girls, and 38 boys in the 5th grade. What is the average test score of the entire 5th grade?






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